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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Clever Asterisk Block Variation

Here's a very clever variation of the Asterisk block: add 4 little white triangles, one on each corner. A snowball style block. I like the use of white too. This was done by MarciGirlDesigns. Nice job! 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Asterisk Quilt by Patty Nimchek

  This gorgeous Asterisk quilt is the work of Patty Nimchek from the Hearthside Quilters Guild. 
I love it. Nice job, Patty!!

This prize table was part of the recent Flights and Fantasies Quilt Show.

See the pattern for the Asterisk quilt here.
See all my patterns here

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Helen's Asterisk Quilt

This gorgeous Asterisk Quilt was made by my friend Helen from Islip, (Long Island) New York. She and I are members of Empire Quilters in NYC, and we organize the Block of the Month together, along with Lisa Kehrle. You meet the nicest people when you get together with quilters.  :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Asterisk by the Confused Quilter

This bright and modern Asterisk Quilt is the creation of the Confused Quilter, an Army wife and mom to grown kids. 

The fabrics are from the "Crazy for Dots and Stripes" line by Michael Miller. The quilting was professionally done.  Beautiful! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Shanna's Asterisk Quilt

This beautiful Asterisk Quilt is the creation of Shanna in Texas. I love the light touch of the white asterisks on the colored backgrounds. It looks like snow. Well, Shanna is originally from Alaska, so that makes sense! Nice job, Shanna! 
See her blog: Sparrow in Flight.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Asterisk Pattern is Finished!

Regular readers will remember this quilt: "Asterisk." I was thinking about the 9-patch block and planning to make a tic-tack-toe style grid when it hit me! How about making all 4 lines meet in the middle? I'm sure other quilters figured this out long before I did, but that's how I found it. Tonight I did a Google Images search for "Asterisk Quilt" and I was amazed at all the quilts! They're beautiful.

So if you missed this one a while back, take a look at the brand new pattern. It's easy too.

If we haven't seen your Asterisk quilt here yet, email me a photo at 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Asterisk Quilt in New Book!

I was shopping yesterday and just happened to see my Asterisk quilt on the front cover of this book! What a shock! The quilt was in Quiltmaker magazine a few years ago. This book was published by Martingale in 2012. I had no idea they were publishing this. I'm sure I gave them permission back then to use it; they are very conscientious about that. This is quite a thrill for me!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Asterisk Quilt for my Mom's Alumni

I just finished this Asterisk quilt which will be raffled to benefit my Mom's nursing school alumni association. I designed this block which was the Empire Quilter's Block of the Month last year and appeared in Quiltmaker magazine too. The link to a tutorial is in the sidebar at right. (I'm getting a lot of mileage out of this one!)

One of the nurses made this label. Didn't she do a great job? She also made another little one with my name on it, and I put it in the other corner of the quilt.

My friend Jackie Kunkel of CV Quiltworks in Canton, CT did the machine quilting. Isn't it beautiful? Jackie is a fabulous quilter; one of her customers sends her quilts all the way from Spain to have Jackie quilt them!
It's challenging to make a quilt that you think will appeal to a large group of people that you don't know. But I like how the solids go with the bright Kaffe prints and the quiet background prints. I think it looks modern, but not too wild. Mom likes it too.

Today the Blog Tour takes us to Amber Carillo's blog: One Shabby Chick.
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Antique Crazy Asterisk Quilt on eBay

Take a look at this one-of-a-kind antique quilt that was recently sold on eBay. Made in 1870 it measures 58" x 76." This caught my eye probably because of those crazy, improvisational "asterisks." The quiltmaker added some embroidery and applique for good measure too. I really like the cheddar, black and red in this quilt...and the pink too. I like the funky "Gee's Bend" flavor of this quilt!

This quilt sold for $202.50.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Asterisk Quilt Wins Ribbon in the New York State Fair

Congratulations to the maker of this Asterisk Quilt and winner of a yellow ribbon at the New York State Fair! Linda Lasco's sister took this photo. Thanks Linda, for sharing it with us.
Using my new reading glasses and best Picassa forensic tools, it may say: "Lois Sayles-Woods" on the label. Very nice job!
(Let me know of you have more info about the maker. Thanks.)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Two New Asterisk Blocks - Made With Ribbons

I was brainstorming about the asterisk block today and started wondering how it would look to use ribbons instead of pieced fabric strips or selvages. I orginally bought these ribbons to add to selvage quilts. The dots will add a nice touch, I think. I still have to try that.

These blocks were made for the month-long virtual white wedding celebration going on at (Australia). Special days to visit are: July 10 (tomorrow), 17, 24, and 31. I'm going formal. (Heehee, it's virtual, so I'm ready. Do you like my new hat and lacy gloves? No, wait. I'll wear the outfit in the sidebar.)

You forensic quilters will notice that the block with the white ribbon is topstitched, but the black block above is just glued. Well, I can't find my black thread, and we quilters are "can do" people.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Asterisk Quilts Down Under

On July 3 some of our quilting sisters from Down Under got together to make Asterisk Quilts.
The members of Goldfield's Quilters who participated are: Margaret, Rachel, Brenda, Kay, Chris, Faye, Lorraine, Pattie, and Alison.

Margaret made the quilt shown at the top using 1800's reproduction fabrics, her favorite. Pattie made the quilt above, putting some big flowers right in the middle. Great idea.

Rachel made the quilt above using a pack of fat quarters. Don't these asterisks look like snowflakes? Alison made the quilt below for her grandson. Nice bright colors.

And here is the group. See more photos on their blog:

You can click on the link in the sidebar to see how to make this surprisingly easy block. Feel free to use it for your group. Send photos to

Monday, June 21, 2010

Quilt Along - Asterisk Quilt (Part 3) - Finishing

Have you been following the "Asterisk" Quilt-Along? This is the third (and final) Monday installment. If you want to see everyone's blocks on flickr, click here. (Be sure to click on "More" to see them all.)

To make the "piano key" border, cut a pile of strips 1" x 4+" long. I cut them about 4 1/2" long as I'm making the quilt, and keep them in a pile for the border. Sew them in a long row. Press.

Trim to 4" wide (below). Piece these lengths together as needed for the border (see bottom photo).

The three blocks above represent the quilt top.

  1. When all your blocks are sewn together, make an inner border using 1" strips. I chose red because it is neither dark nor light, and I like it.
  2. Now attach your piano key strips to fit along the right and left sides of the quilt. Then attach piano key lengths to the top and bottom of your quilt top.
  3. Finally, add another 1" border.

The quilt shown in the first photo was machine quilted with parallel horizontal wavy lines. That is my "specialty." I just try to keep it simple so I don't ruin my quilt tops! I'm sure you'll blow me away with awesome quilting on your quilts. I can't wait to see them and put the photos in an up-coming Exhibit at

Please email your photos to by Sept 1. Thanks! (Include your name the way you want it listed, where you're from, and the name of your quilt.)

So, did you think this quilt was easy? Was it fun? Is it on your "To Make" list?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Quilt Along - Asterisk Quilt (Post #2)

Welcome Quilters! Start your engines! You will love how easy the Asterisk block is!

Okay, here we go. Each block is made from one 6" square and one 1" strip (about 32" long).

Cut your square, corner to corner, as shown above. Insert a strip. Press your seams toward the strip (not as shown below, oh well).

Next, cut your square diagonally in the other direction, as shown below. Insert strip. Press.

You can see below that my strips aren't lined up perfectly. This won't matter since you'll cut through the center twice more anyway.
Also see Kathleen in CT's wonkified asterisks on flickr. I think they look great.

Now cut your square vertically and insert a strip. Press.
Isn't this looking great? And no triangles to measure!

You know what to do, right? Cut horizontally, insert, press. Now trim your block to it's original size, 6" square.

That last step assures that your blocks are all the same size. What do you think? Easy?

You can join the Quilt-Along by going to and joining the Group called "Old Red Barn Quilt Company." There are over 1,200 members already! You can upload photos and chat.
Also email your quilt photo(s) to me so I can add it to the upcoming Exhibit on Include your name, where you're from, and the quilt's name. Email:

Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome to the Quilt-Along!

Welcome to the Quilt-Along! Today (and for the next two Mondays) we're going to have a tutorial here on the Selvage Blog showing how to make this quilt. You can join officially by going to and joining the Group called the "Old Red Barn Quilt Company." Then you can share photos of your version of the Asterisk quilt, and chat with other quilters (and me).

There are already over 1,200 members! Join us, this will be fun. This quilt block looks like it might be aggravating to make, but it's really easy. No triangles to cut. You'll like this!

The photo above just shows a layout of some of my first blocks. The whole quilt below shows the border.

I designed this quilt. Another version of it appeared in the May/June issue of Quiltmaker magazine. This time I'm making it in solids. I think it would also look great made from scraps.

To make one block: cut one 6" square, and one 1" strip about 32" long. (See above and below.)

I like how striped fabrics look when used for the 1" strips. (Scroll way down for examples.)

Twin quilt: For a quilt that measures 56" wide x 72" long, make 88 blocks. Cut each block 6" square. Cut 88 strips 1"wide x 32" long. (Save leftovers for the border.)
Fabric requirements: 2.5 yards for the blocks, and 2.5 yards for the strips.
Add an additional 2 yards of scraps for the borders.
Wall quilt: For a smaller version, 36" x 36," make 25 blocks. Cut each block 6" square. Cut 25 strips 1" wide x 32" long. (Same as above. Save leftovers for the border.)
Fabric requirements: 1 yard for the blocks, and 1 yard for the strips.
Add an additional yard of scraps for the borders.

There will also be a piano key border like the one shown below. I like to start making blocks from scraps, then decide on the final size later when I see how it looks. You don't need to decide your quilt's final size now. Let's just quilt-along. ;)

Are you inspired? This week review your stash and pick out some fabrics to get started. It's easier to pick 50 fabrics than it is to pick only 5! Cut some 6" squares and some 1" strips. Then you'll be ready to start making some blocks next Monday.
What do you think? Are you gonna give it a try?
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