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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Selvagey Rabbit from Annette in Scotland

I received a delightful note today from Annette Tait of Edinburgh, Scotland. She made the gorgeous Arabella Rabbit Bag and the Baby Felines (decorated with selvages) that were featured here a while back.

This rabbit decorates the front of her notecard. I just love how the selvage "bits" add a shaggy texture. She used a foam-type adhesive between the rabbit and the card, raising it a little above the surface. Above the rabbit she wrote, "...Arabella had been very busy in the sewing room that morning..." I'm probably wearing a few threads right now myself!

In addition to Arabella rabbit bags and handmade cards, Annette makes baby hares, watercolors, and collages. Take a look at her Etsy store: Thank you Annette for your inspiration.
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