Sunday, February 6, 2022

New Quilt Pattern: Checkmate and a Little Trick!


The little squares in this quilt remind me of castle walls or the rooks in a chess game. And this quilt is a real winner, hence the name: Checkmate. It's just a center medallion with three solid borders and three "little squares" borders. 

Take a look at the corners of the pieced borders: they're rather perfect! Haha. This isn't due to genius or great sewing skills. Just a "liberated quilting" trick: increase the seam allowances here and there between the squares until you get the perfect length. See pattern for details and photos.

See the pattern here: Checkmate Quilt Pattern

The colors are more accurate in these last two pics. The fabrics used are: Kona Charcoal, Kona Stone, and Kona Cream. I'm enjoying a break from the scrappy look for a while. Modern vibes here. :)