Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Handbags in NYC Fuel Creativity

While window shopping in NYC I saw these handbags and wanted to show them to you. I wouldn't carry bags like these (I don't think), but savoring the colors and designs fuels my creativity. It makes me want to start a new crazy quilt!

Let's Take a Short Field Trip to NYC

Isn't this handbag amazing? All texture; no color. It caught my eye and I wanted to show it to you. It was in a store window at Rockefeller Center (just 5 steps from the scene below).
This is the statue of Prometheus which is just above the ice skating rink. It's such a popular tourist spot, you can hear many different languages as you stand there. This was a delightfully warm evening recently, especially for March!

This was the scene on 5th Avenue as my husband and I walked to Grand Central Station to take the train back to White Plains. The building with the nice big window used to be Scribner's, a wonderful bookstore with a spiral staircase to a balcony on the second level. The store was paneled with nice dark wood, and it was an elegant, old-world destination when I was in college. Above that nice window it still says "Joseph A. Scribner's and Sons." Now it's disappointingly a bright and modern Sophora, which sells make-up or something of the sort.
So, there's a little taste of NY. It only took a minute and didn't cost a thing! What a deal.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Martina Odenthal's New Postcard

Here's a new postcard by quilter/lawyer Martina Odenthal of Cologne, Germany. You can read more about it on her blog (if you can read German): http://www.stufenzumgericht.blogspot.com/. She also has some nice photos of the springtime flowers in bloom there. I like how Martina uses her selvages, so creative.
Greetings to all the visitors from Lithuania today! (over 50 already) My father's parents were from Lithuania. My grandmother sometimes took care of me when I was a toddler and I learned to speak Lithuanian a little. We used to make ausukes (little ears). Delicious!
Yesterday there were 803 individual visitors to the Selvage Blog, a new record! Thank you to all the selvage qilters around the world who share your projects with us! We are inspired!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nadia Stumpf's Selvage Quilt!

This stunning selvage quilt was made by Nadia Stumpf of France. What a creative masterpiece this is! I love that curvy edge! She enjoyed making this and already has plans for her next one in her head. Oh, Nadia, that's what happens when you start using selvages!

Be sure to visit her blog at: http://patchworkrama.canalblog.com/archives/2009/03/25/13131960.html. You will be richly rewarded!

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Easter Basket from Moda Bake Shop

Spring is almost here and Easter is April 12th! I know this isn't really "selvagey" but I thought you'd want to see it. I love the colors and the rag rug/shabby chic style. Moda Bake Shop has a tutorial at http://www.modabakeshop.com/2009/03/fabric-easter-basket.html. I may have to make one of these!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Selvage Wallets from Perth, Australia

The mother-daughter duo in Perth, Australia who made these "loyalty card wallets" have a tutorial on their blog: http://spoonfullofsugargirls.blogspot.com/2009/03/tutorial-scrappy-loyalty-card-wallet.html That red button looks good with the color windows nearby. Notice how they didn't use any of the printed fabric, just the white edge. Very pretty.
This is their first selvage project. Mom says this might be addictive. Do you think? :)
Greetings to all our visitors from Canada today!

Friday, March 27, 2009

JoAnne's Tote Bag

JoAnne of Keller, Texas made this pretty tote and she has some good advice:
"I made my binding a bit wider than usual and used my zipper foot to sew the sides seams. Then I hand sewed the binding down as usual. I only had about an inch or so to handsew at the top of each side seam. I machine stitched my handles on also."
Nice job, JoAnne! I wish I had thought of using a zipper foot. It makes the bag stronger, and it's easier on the hands too!
To see the tutorial for this bag that appeared here a while back, visit: http://selvageblog.blogspot.com/2008/10/great-big-tote-bag.html
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alda's Little Selvage Quilt

Look at this pretty little selvage quilt by Alda in Hessen, Germany. It measures just 8" x 12" and she is using it to pad the bottom of a nice wooden box for her spools of thread. What a nice soft pallette; it looks like she collects Moda fabrics! Alda hand quilted this little piece. Isn't it sweet?

Visit her blog at: http://aldas-gepatchtes-und-gesticktes.blogspot.com/ Yes, it's in German, but she translates everything into English too. Thank you, Alda!

Another Quilter Joins the Ranks!

Today I was admiring a selvage tote bag on a blog called "Hanging On by a Needle and a Thread." One of the comments made me laugh:

"OK OK I surrender! Against my better judgment, I will say that selvages are not garbage. And now I will publicly admit that I have started my own selvage collection bag. You win. Why Sue, are you always right????"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Urban Inspirations Quilt Show - Part 1

This weekend the Empire Quilters quilt show "Urban Inspirations" was held at the Fashion Institute in New York City. The poster above features the amazing raffle quilt called "Broadway Jane." This area of NYC is called the Garment District; I thought you'd like to see this sculpture.
The quilt below won the "Viewer's Choice" award. Mindy Wexler-Marks made this "Generation Doily Quilt" using crocheted doilies made by her grandmother, her mother, and her aunt. It really was lovely.

The quilt shown below is "Housetop - Nine Block Variation" by Katie Iscol. She loves the Gees Bend Quilts, and this is her tribute to them.

I think the quilt below was made by Susan Knaster for her mother-in-law's 90th birthday. It really is dazzling in person!

Urban Inspirations Quilt Show - Part 2

Above: This quilt by Jo Anne Powell called "Rubber Duckie" was beautiful! The pearls in the baby's hair glistened in the spotlight. Prettier in person than in the photo.

Above: "Kiirtan - Dance of Surrender" by Ligaya Siachongco. Indian origin, about pure bliss.

Below: Brenda Papadaikis of "Dear Jane" fame gave a humorous lecture in which she admits that she hasn't made a Dear Jane quilt herself. In the background you can see one that was made for her by friends. In the foreground were 4 Dear Jane quilts made by members. The quilt being held up was made by member Diane Schnect (shown at left, holding her quilt).

Paula Nadelstern of NYC lectured about her wonderful kaleidoscope quilts. If you get the chance to attend one of her lectures, don't miss it! She is funny and interesting, and very generous about sharing her methods.

Urban Inspirations Quilt Show - Part 3

Above: "The Beauties of New York" by Bernice Caneill won first prize in the Miniature Pictoral category.

Above and Below: "Fortune Wheels" by Anna Sinitsyna.

"Grandmother's Hexagarden" by Mary Anne Ciccotelli (above and below). She says she is obsessed with folded hexagons. This one was beautiful.

Urban Inspirations Quilt Show - Part 4

Here it is again, my "Red Zinger" selvage quilt! I just want to make sure everyone sees a selvage quilt. That's one of my missions. It's surprising how many men stop and take a good look at it. And yes I did wear my selvage vest. It was wonderful to meet so many selvage quilters!!

I also brought the fan quilt (above). I called it "Firing on All Cylinders."

I made a bunch of mini quilt cabinets and pin cushions for the Boutique.

My favorite vendor was there: Pat Yamin of "Come Quilt With Me." She brought a big supply of templates that can be used to make one-patch quilts (like in her book), or whatever you like. I got an "Ice Cream Cone" template set. It looks like a thousand pyramids, but with one curved side. She also had fabrics, patterns, tools and a beautiful display. I took a photo of her selvage Tumbler quilt. (above) She'll be at Quilt Pacific coming up soon. Check out her website at: http://www.comequiltwithme.com/.

The big prize ribbons were made using Mark Lipinski's Katmandu fabric, embellished with embroidery and beads. Very pretty.

Urban Inspirations Quilt Show - Part 5

I love this symmetrical quilt by Pauline Hamer, called "Hey Yo-Yo!" (Above)

New York City is always an interesting place for people-watching. Lots of color, style, and an international flair. (Next 2 photos below.)

On my way home I saw this clever photo (below). People are so creative!!!

Thanks for visiting the quilt show with me. There was so much to see, this is just a small sample.
See the guild website for more fabulous quilt photos: www.empirequilters.net.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sara Wins the Moda Selvage Pillow!

The winner of the selvage pillow is.......durmroll here..........SARA! Yayy Sara! I wish I had 127 selvage pillows so I could send one to everybody who posted a comment on this give-away! She was chosen at random by my 22 year old son David.

She has a cool spider web quilt on her blog today: http://itsjustonemore.blogspot.com/. The dog? That's the photo that appears with her comments, and on her blog sidebar. It cracks me up! (The link has been corrected. Sorry if you visited a wierd place before the correction!)

Come back tomorrow to see my photos of the Empire Quilters "Urban Inspirations" quilt show! A 5-Part extravaganza for the same low price. What a deal!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Selvage Log Cabin from New Zealand!

Karen in New Zealand has her selvage squares laid out and ready to assemble into a log cabin streak of lightning. This is so pretty. I love the green center squares. She almost changed her mind and made the squares red, but I'm glad she went back to green.

See her blog at http://www.myfatquarter.blogspot.com/ You get to see a bit of New Zealand as well as her projects.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Writing on Selvage Postcards

You already know that Anya writes on her selvage postcards. Here's how she does it: First she sews the selvage down using a straight stitch, then she programs her Bernina to stitch her message using the alphabet feature. So simple. What an ingenious idea!
The "Urban Inspirations" quilt show in Manhattan is going strong this weekend. Stop by at the Fashion Institute if you can (28th Street & 7th Ave). I'll post some photos soon.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Selvage Tutorial from Canada!

Mam in Canada made something with her selvages that she says she can really use...a tissue holder. And during the process of making it she took photos so we can see how she did it. Great idea! Thanks, Mam.

See her website and the tutorial at: http://atypicalife.net/mam/2009/03/happy-saturday-happy-selvage/#comment-963

Mam started sewing when she was 5 years old, but she sat on a needle and didn't return to sewing until just before her 50th birthday! Ouch!

P.S. Her DH gives her a rose every Saturday. Isn't that sweet?

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Friday, March 20, 2009

A Very Creative Life

Heather Bailey's daughter Charlotte asked for a hair-do that no one has ever seen before! This is what she got. I really love it.
Heather is a fabulous fabric designer, and one of the most creative people I know of. Check out her blog post about this hair-do:
Happy first day of spring! It's 8:30am in New York and it's snowing hard! Big fluffy flakes. I hope it doesn't last long. Today we (Empire Quilters) will set up our quilt show at the Fashion Institute in Manhattan. The show title is Urban Inspirations. Please come and say hi if you are in the area on Saturday or Sunday. I'll be wearing my selvage vest so you can find me. The Red Zinger and Fan Quilt (shown in the sidebar) will be on exhibit at the show. My mini quilt cabinets and colorful pin-cushions will be for sale in the Boutique. I'll let you know how it goes. For more details visit: http://www.empirequilters.net/. Click on "2009 Show" in the sidebar.
Greetings to "Artful Blogging."

Welcome: First Day of Spring!

I saw this amusing photo on a delightfully artistic blog: http://susannassketchbook.typepad.com/susannas_sketchbook/