Friday, July 25, 2008

Meet Elena McDowell of North Carolina!

Elena McDowell has been creating with selvages for years! Take a look at her fabulous work.
Her friends have been calling her crazy for a long time, but all the while enabling her with their selvages. That's what good quilting buddies are for! And one of them surprised her with a gift of "Quilts from the Selvage Edge." How perfect is that? (I think she could write her own selvage quilt book.)
The "woven" selvages appear to float above the surface of this quilt. Nice job, Elena!

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jen duncan said...

Hi Karen- I just scrolled from beginning to end (in google Reader)--all the posts you have generously made over the past year. When I left our monthly guild mtg tonight, after they nearly begged for more entries for our bi-annual show this July, I realized these people NEED to see a selvage quilt! LOL. So I've been sitting here looking for an hour. Such inspiration! I've decided on a zinger quilt. Maybe not red...need to go out to the studio and stare into the basket and see what color presents itself :-) I will of course credit you by name and the magazine it came out in last Fall. Anyway, I really just wanted to tell you I think you're awesome for all the posts and kudos and recognition you've given here on your blog. You're a peach, for sure! Thanks so much.