Monday, August 25, 2008

Easy Selvage Vest!

Using a purchased pattern (McCalls 1-hour vest, pattern #2260, $12.50), cut the two front pieces and the back of the vest from muslin. Cover with selvages, starting from the bottom and working upward. Attach the fronts to the back by sewing the two shoulder seams. I didn't bother with facings, but fully lined the vest instead.

Cut the lining fabric from the same pattern pieces used for the outside of the vest. Attach the fronts to the back at the shoulders.

Putting right sides of the vest and the lining together, sew the long neckline seam and the armhole seams. Trim seams, and clip around curves. Turn the vest right side out by pulling the fronts through the shoulders, toward the back of the vest. Then sew the side seams. There is a diagram of this in the pattern. A picture is worth a thousand words if you haven't done this before!

You may want to add some buttons or other closure, but I left it open.

This is definitely an attention-grabber at a quilt show!
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