Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another Quick Gift Idea

My friend Elena McDowell sent me these nice coasters. They're like little quilts, with batting and backing. She just trimmed them with pinking shears, so you can feel the soft batting around the edges. Yes, this is just a glass of water. I didn't want to mess up her nice work:)

She doesn't know this, but I particularly like the "Sturbridge Village" selvage. Growing up in Connecticut, we were always taking field trips to Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts. One year, the fourth graders went. The next year the fifth graders went, then the sixth graders the year after that. It was always us! It was okay with me; I loved it.
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Elena said...

Loved reading your story about Sturbridge Village! I made some coasters for myself and the one I use at my computer desk had the word "Charleston" right in the middle of it--just so happens that my son was just stationed at the Navy Nuclear Training Center in Charleston right now! Arem't selveges wonderful!!