Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meet Edith Bieri of Switzerland

Edith Bieri of Zurich, Switzerland says she made the striped blocks in one day, then pieced them into a quilt top after dinner!

I really like this quilt. The color combinations are surprising, but pretty. Very modern and not fussy. It would have been fun to watch her put this together. See Edith's blog at: (She includes English text.)


Notjustnat said...

Nice quilt from Zurich. Thanks for sharing. I have to come over and tell you that I've won your book from the Quilt Makers magazine prize last month. I still waiting for it, but I am excited and looking forward to using some of my selvages when I get the book - Thanks - Natima

Jean said...

Interesting quilt, easily done with selvages in between the big strips.