Thursday, July 22, 2010

Adrienne Weber's Selvage Runner

Meet Adrienne Weber from Stallings, NC. Isn't this a stunning selvage runner? I like that white binding; it blends right in with the selvages. I also like how she sprinkled some dark selvages in there to gently highlight the diamond pattern. Bravo!
Adrienne is originally from the north fork of Long Island. She learned to quilt from Carol Barnes of The Textile Company in Greenfield (MA). Her daughters are quilters too; one even had a quilt in the Hoffman Challenge traveling exhibit! Adrienne is a member of the Charlotte Quilt Guild, and the York County Quilters in SC.
Special thank you to quilter Drenna Hannon for taking the photos.


Margit kreativ said...


das ist ja stark - aus lauter Webkanten - ein tolles Stück hast du dir da genäht

Liebe Grüße

Stephanie said...

Looks like winter. Very pretty.

Barb said...

I love this runner! I am going to start saving selvages!

Anonymous said...

ok, I had to laugh yesterday. I was down at Quilting Squares in Franklin and your name came up. I was attending a quilt binding demo and when the teacher was cutting off the selvedge, one of the ladies in the audience mentioned your name... I think they miss you... bunches!

I'm taking their machine quilting course on Saturday!