Sunday, October 24, 2010

Elegant Brown Selvage Quilt by Liz Broussard

This wonderful Brown Selvage Quilt was created by Liz Broussard from Houston, TX.

Liz says she didn't have the right shade of brown and neutral, so she overdyed some of the fabrics. She liked the results so much that she also overdyed the selvage blocks! For the sashing, Liz used the back side of the fabric because the color looked better. Wow, she was really thinking out of the box!

And look at that fabulous quilting! Liz says she's inspired by Leah Day's blog for machine quilting ideas. Leah has wonderful close-ups of machine quilting. I'll be visiting that blog again and again.

This is a charity quilt, to be donated through her guild. Wow, someone's in for a real treat!
Nice job, Liz!


June Calender said...

Good to see the overdying -- I've wondered about doing this with selvages since the majority are white. I think another selvage quilt is a-brew in my busy brain. This quilt is a delight to see, thanks!

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

This is a beautiful quilt, absolutely enhanced by Liz's dyeing, over-dyeing, and quirky, exciting quilting! Thanks for showcasing this for us.

Ingrid said...

Beautiful and elegant. Kisses from Venezuela.

Dorothy said...

My buddy Liz always has something creative going on. This quilt reminds me of a bookshelf, and the words on the selvages strengthen that image.

Great work, Liz!

JoAnne said...

What a beautiful quilt! I'm pleased to see that Leah Day's site was mentioned. I've been there several times in the past few years and have her DVD's. Leah Day's free motion lessons are terrific. She's an excellent teacher!