Saturday, September 24, 2011

Silk Cigar Ribbon Quilt Inspiration

This antique silk cigar ribbon quilt is offered for sale by Laura Fisher Quilts in NYC for $4,500. But are you thinking what I'm thinking? I'm seeing a selvage quilt design in here!

This is my version of a silk cigar ribbon sort of quilt. It's one of the quilts in my book "Quilts from the Selvage Edge." I'll be leading a workshop in CT showing how to make this quilt.


Kim said...

Do tell us more about the Workshop.
When? where?
this is really a lovely piece, imagine how long it took to save those ribbons! The ribbons were just wrapped around the box and not around each cigar right?

Happy Sewing

Linda said...

We need to figure out how to get you to Des Moines, Iowa, so you can lead US in making a selvage cigar-wrapper quilt!

Connecticut Chronichols said...

I'd like more info about the workshop, too.
Suebasket at aol dot com

Jackie said...

Hi everyone! Karen is doing the workshop for our guild! Right now it is full. If anyone cancels then we will open to non members. We are looking forward to her coming!

lisistrat4 said...

Desde España muchas felicitaciones por estos trabajos tan maravillosos. Les deseo mucho éxito.