Friday, May 4, 2012

Show-Stopping Purses

Here are some show-stopping purses that I found on Etsy. I like the spiky one above from Kyla Crawford in MI.

The handmade sterling silver bag above is from Mythic Silver in Ohio. It sells for $5,500.

This polymer clay bag is by Karen Ablow in Madison, Connecticut.

See the whole treasury here. Sixteen show-stopping purses. Did you know that if you go to Etsy and enter "purse" in the searchbox, you get 350,000 results? Haha, let me save you some time. 


Carolyn S. said...

Wow, price is no object for these, huh?
Love the Wrigley's Gum bag, and the iconic purse charm necklace.
Great Treasury! Such fun. And the description for the Maui travel yoga over the top.

Steve Finnell said...
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JoAnne said...

That polymer clay bag is so pretty! Quite a high price on it. Oh, the fabric I could buy with that much money! And the fun I would have shopping! And what I could make with all that fabric!

It sure was fun looking, Karen, thanks for showing us all those goodies!

Happy weekend to you! HH says hi! I'll be at my guild's quilt show working, he will be at home loafing!