Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Something to Add to Selvage Quilts

This "love" tape could be mixed with selvages in a selvage quilt, don't you think? I found it at The Crafterie. It sells for $6.50 for 3 meters. All kinds of ribbons could be added to selvage quilts. Black and white would be nice. Have you used ribbons with selvages?


Here's what my sister Lynne in Vermont had to say about the dark plaid block:
I like the new dark tartan plaid square.  I pictured something way more subtle: navy background; stripes of dark green, deep red, maybe even black.  And very, very narrow stripes of brights/lights: yellow or orange.  But the black and white print?  That was a shocker!  Karen, you're always throwing a new twist on things!  I'm looking forward to seeing your new plaid quilt.  


Leeanne said...

What a great idea!!! Thanks for all the sharing you do!

Kathi's Kreations said...

I use them when I make my selvage Christmas stockings ~ really adds a special touch!

unfinishedquilts said...

Never even thought of it! Have a whole basket (huge!lol) of ribbon and now I know what I will be doing this afternoon! Thanks for the inspiration!

Kelly W. - aka "Pippercat" said...

Shortly after 9/11 happened, I started a quilt for my husband's birthday the following year (his birthday is 9/12). While sewing it, and feeling very patriotic, I kept eating these delicious cherry flavored taffy candies with American flags in them. The bags they came in were tied with red, white & blue "USA" ribbons. They were too pretty to throw away, so ironed them out and saved them. As I was finishing a row of blocks a couple months later, it came up a little short, so I added those ribbons to the ends and it was perfect!