Monday, November 5, 2012

Free Eyeglasses from Firmoo!

I got these glasses free from and you can too. (You choose your own style, of course.) I keep them at my sewing machine so they're always there when I need them for quilting. 

Your first pair of glasses is free for new customers. I chose these red ones because they're playful and they remind me of Freddy Moran's red glasses. You can also choose sunglasses or goggles (safety glasses). Mine are reading glasses. The quality is very nice. I forget I'm wearing them.

It's simple to order your glasses from You can upload your portrait and "try on" glasses. (Or you can use one of their photos.) You enter your prescription in the order. I had some questions and they answered my emails right away. The glasses arrived fast too.

By the way, when you have your eyes examined, the optometrist has to give you your prescription if you ask for it. Ask them to include the PD measurement. You don't have to buy your glasses at the same place you have your eyes examined. You can save a lot that way, and get great glasses too. I had my eye exam at Walmart. 

Have fun picking out your new free glasses! (Get a cup of coffee/tea first; the selection is huge.)

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