Thursday, December 27, 2012

Orphan Blocks

The January 2013 Block of the Month for Empire Quilters will be Orphan Blocks. Any size, any color. I arranged some blocks to show how such a random collection might go together. The mortar could be scraps also, adding to the busy look. This will "clear the decks" for the new year. (Well, it might take about 10 such quilts to actually clear the decks. Haha.)


Michele said...

I could add 10 more quilts with my orphans. Love your composition.

Kelly said...

I have a few orphans. I like the idea of using scraps for the "mortar"! Thanks for the idea!

Dar said...

What a good arrangement. I may have to try my hand at that too. My orphan box is more than overflowing. It would make several real big quilts or maybe a back or two on one of my scrap quilts. Great reminders for 2013 to help clean out some of those bins and drawers full of orphans. Thanks so much.

Kim said...

I do love orphans block quilts :0)
I always wanted to ask you this, when you moved to your new sewing room how did you sort your fabrics and scraps to move them? Did you ditch a lot of fabric or move it all?

I'm getting ready to move and just wondered how you handled it.

Happy Sewing

Selvage Quilter said...

I don't think I got rid of any fabrics when I moved.

I used to keep my fabrics in large plastic storage boxes, opening them now and then so they wouldn't start to smell like plastic.

When I moved into my new quilt room I got some "elfa" wire drawers at the Container Store. They are really nice. The drawers glide nicely when opening and closing, even though they are heavy with fabrics. Let's see, I have a drawer for:
1. Batiks
2. Silks
3. Novelties #1
4. Novelties #2
5. Solids: Red, orange, yellow, pink
6. Solids: Green, blue, purple
7. Solids: Black, white, brown, tan
8. Green prints
9. Kaffe prints
10. Black and whites
11. Dots and sripes
12. Precuts

This sounds pretty organized. But in addition to the above, I still have some plastic storage boxes with African fabrics, selvages, reproduction fabrics, retro, etc. Then there are some free-standing piles of modern prints near my cutting table.

Is this more than you wanted to know? Haha. Did I even answer your questions? Oh yeah, I have a storage box of small scraps too.

Don't get rid to too much when you move. Wait! Where are you moving? I hope you're coming to CT. Then you can play with Jackie (CV Quiltworks) and me.

Keep me posted!


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I did something similar but a huge quilt. Actually two huge quilts.

and my box overflows as we speak.


June Calender said...

I've been giving my orphan blocks to my guild's monthly free table, they always disappear into somebody's take home bag.

June Calender said...
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