Friday, February 8, 2013

The Blizzard has Started!

Now this is a snowman! From Brunch in April.

The blizzard has started! Don't worry, I made sure I had plenty of fabric. 
Here's some blizzard humor for you:

From the New Yorker magazine (above).

Photo of Chicago blizzard (above).



Dolores said...

Made me smile. Ours is not snowman snow though. Light, fluffy, sweepable (unless there's lots.) I've been out twice so far. The arms are getting a workout and the lower back started complaining. That's when I came in. Once I stepped into the house I realized that I had my glasses on. They started fogging up. I only wear my glasses to read. I'm out of it today. Glad you stocked up on fabric. I have projects lined up but will stick to machine work. The hands might not be up to applique.

cspoonquilt said...

That is some crazy snowman / rabbit! What fun! And I like the snow humor. Especially the one in the middle with the woman looking back in a 'double take'. Thanks for the laughs! cheers, Claire W.

Donna~~ said...

Loved your whole post--thanks for all the smiles. We woke to snow here, but now have a lovely sunny day. Hope you get bunches of sewing done during your snow-in!

Tina Craig said...

So far, we're enjoying being snowed in. I'll be good for a few days before I go stir crazy. As long as we have power for the sewing machine, I'm happy.

Joan said...

Your blog is likely the only snow I'll see today. Expected 60 degrees and sunny in Atlanta.