Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Upcycle Scrap Quilt Pattern!

Got scraps? I was making the Trellis quilt and got this one too, for no extra charge! I literally upcycled the scraps off the quilt room floor. Fast and easy raw-edge machine applique scrap quilt. Lots of clear how-to photos. PDF Pattern, 8 pages. Great for beginners, and quilters with a lot of scraps. Print it or save it on your computer. $5.

As always, I love to add little surprises like the flower pot in the block below.


Katrin said...

Great idea! Thank you very much!!!

Greetings from Germany,

Das Quiltmonster said...

That looks really great!!! I'm scrap addicted, I can't throw away nothing.....And this is a very nice idea to use them scraps up!!!
Greetings from a cold and snowy Germany!!!

Julia Wood said...

I absolutely LOVE this quilt!

Helen said...

WOW! Love these. Possible future BOM's?

Selvage Quilter said...

Helen, that's a good idea!