Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tina Craig's Selvage Quilt at the Air Museum Quilt Show!

This gorgeous selvage spider web quilt by Tina Craig of Rhode Island (Seaside-Stitches blog) is on exhibit at the Flights & Fantasies Quilt Show located at the New England Air Museum near Bradley Int'l Airport. The show runs through tomorrow (Sunday). This quilt attracted a lot of attention from viewers.
Btw, her son Pete is part of "a clandestine group of nearly superhuman special operatives" in the Marines. Handsome too. I'm just sayin'. 

Take a look at the binding: green on the front and dots on the back. Impressive!
Nice job, Tina!

Fancy selvage with fans too.


audrey said...

Beautiful quilt! Wonderful job with the quilting and details.

Tina Craig said...

LOL! Actually, his name is Pete and he is just a recruit. (Can't call him a Marine until December.) Recon is his goal, which I'm sure he will achieve. Lots more training before he becomes nearly superhuman!

Selvage Quilter said...

Oops, I fixed his name.

Swedish Scrapper said...

Wow, you saw this in the flesh! I adore this quilt by Tina, and even dragged it out of my Flickr faves a few weeks ago to add to a greens quilt mosaic I made (on flickr, username swedishscrapper/liz tillstrom) Yay!!!

JoAnne said...

Gorgeous quilt and beautiful quilting! What a nice quilt show you have for us.