Friday, October 11, 2013

Midnight at the Oasis Pattern by Jen Kingwell

"Midnght at the Oasis" is a new quilt and pattern by Jen Kingwell Designs. I found the pattern listed on Etsy at WestWoodAcres. The black and gray polka dot fabric makes for a very busy but inviting quilt.
I think this quilt is similar to the quilts in the Material Obsessions book. I like it.


Anita said...

Love that pattern! I think the gray is a little busy too, but she makes it work. The pattern is also in the July/August 2013 #96 issue of Quiltmania.

Pat Converse said...

Did you know there is a quiltalong for this pattern? Go to

pnconverse at hotmail dot com

audrey said...

It's a beautiful, very fun quilt! Have seen this before and every time I have to check it out a little more.:)

pink for me said...

Yikes! That is way too busy!