Friday, November 8, 2013

Boutis! Fabulous Stuffed Quilts

Boutis refers to wholecloth quilts made using a stuffing technique from the South of France. Isn't it beautiful?
These photos are from the Boutis Florida Suncoast - Heather blog. 

Do you want to go to France and enjoy the scenery right now, free, and don't have to pack? Click here. 

I love this quilt. I was introduced to boutis by my friend Barbara Harrison when I lived in Pennsylvania. I miss you Barbara! 


Heather said...

Thanks for mentioning me ! There are many boutis pieces on my blog, but you may have to go back quite a way to see them all !
Can't help myself, it is such a passion !

Helen said...

I wanted to make one of these ever since I was given a book on the quilts of Provence. Simply stunning!