Friday, January 17, 2014

Log Cabin by Sarah Turnage

This quilt was pieced by Sarah Turnage and quilted by Mary Thompson and Aurelia Forester. It was featured on Sherri Lynn Wood's Dainty Time blog. She tells about a conversation she had with Eli Leon about the design of this quilt. I wish I was there when Sarah decided to put that solid brown stripe near the top. I'm curious about that. What a bold exciting quilt!

I feel a new log cabin quilt coming on. That's what happens when I'm not already quilting. It's a vicious cycle! 


June Calender said...

i love seeing gloriously colored quilts like this that also seem to thumb their noses are the quilt police with the uneven edges and not hanging evenly. It's so full of creative elan and boldness!

Selvage Quilter said...

Haha, well said!

audrey said...

Such a fabulous quilt! I wish I could make something like this myself!!