Thursday, November 13, 2008

Meet Linda Robertus of Brisbane, Australia!

Take a look at this beautiful big tote bag by Linda Robertus. She is from the Netherlands, and is now living in Brisbane, Australia. The green handle and lining was made from hand-dyed fabric. To see more of her creative endeavors, visit her blog at:
I particularly like the selvage on a slight angle at the top of the bag in the top photo. It adds a jaunty touch near that bright colorwash. And I like the row of black stars on the white background. And that turquoise ocean color toward the bottom is one of my favorites. I really like this bag. Nice job Linda! Have a great summer!


Carrie P. said...

Love it.

madder root said...

Wonderful. Looking forward to having enough selvedge to complete a project myself. This blog is great.

CJ said...

Very cute!!! I would like to have enough selvedges to do ANYTHING of size. :D