Sunday, November 9, 2008

Selvage Quilter's Field Trip to Block Island

I recently visited Block Island, a small charming island off the coast of Rhode Island near Connecticut. I was delighted by the abundance of stone walls, their sometimes "lacy" construction, and someone's clever method of preserving their wall from the wear and tear of foot traffic! The bottom photo was taken from the porch of a hotel near the ferry landing, now deserted for the winter season.

If you lived here you would have to quilt all the time because everything else is a one-hour ferry ride away! Sounds like paradise to me. Savoring the beauty of places like this "fills our tank" for artistic expression in our quilts, don't you think?

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Elena said...

Karen, That is truly the most beautiful place on earth! And to be "forced" to quilt all day..what "torture"!! When can we move there?

Bridget said...

I was so close (daughter in college nearby) but never got there! Now I see what beauty I missed. And darn! Quilting all day? What a treat!

Quiltdivajulie said...

And I see some marvelous locations to photograph quilts ~ marvelous place!