Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Stockings

I just finished this Christmas stocking and I wanted to share these photos with you. I cut two stocking shapes from muslin, then covered them with festive fabrics (by machine, stitch and flip). Next I embroidered along all the seams with Perle cotton (#5) and added beads. Finally I sewed the front and back together (right sides together) being careful not to let the needle hit any beads! Using shirting fabric, I made a lining, and inserted it into the stocking. To finish, I folded the pretzel fabric at the top to the inside and handstitched. The ribbons were added so it can be "hung from the chimney with care, with hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there."

I like how this stocking came out, but if I make any more I think I'll add more embellishments. This stocking will be auctioned to benefit the Empire Quilters guild in NYC.
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Cheryl said...

Great stocking...love the ribbon fabric and the embroidery and beads really make it sing...I'm sure there will be a bidding war for it. Good Luck.

SueR said...

Those are very pretty, and looks like lots of time invested in the embellishments. The ribbon fabric is my favorite.

CJ said...

Very cute! I love all of your stitching.

Amy said...

I love the stocking ,,, and the pretzel fabric,,, I went nuts over the choco chip fabric,,, love them novelties thanks for sharing, Amy