Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Selvage Rug by Leni B.

Leni B. of Bayside, NY knitted this selvage rug on #10 needles. She says "It was quite a job, but I was driven to do it." That's how it is sometimes! We hear you Leni:)

I love the improvisation in this rug. In "Twined Rag Rugs" by Bobbie Irwin, I learned that this color arrangement (non-arrangement, really) is called hit-or-miss. I like the red-orange at one end better than if the color layout was symmetrical.

Thank you to Betty J. in Oklahoma City who alerted me to this post on Leni's blog:


ruralmamma said...

I love love that. Wish I could take it home. If I had a money tree I would want to commision someone to make me one as big as my livingroom.. ok maybe one for every room. Soo beautiful. Thanks for sharing

Chris said...

This would work with scraps too! I have a whole bag of strips that might work well with the selvages.

How did you handle adding in the strips? Did you tie the ends together? And if so how did you hide the knots? I still have issues hiding knots with yarn, and even weaving the tails. They always seem to pop out over time.