Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Selvage Stashes Revealed!

Here are Jodie Carleton's selvages (above and below). Regular readers of the Selvage Blog know that Jodie is the maker of THE selvage dress, parasol, and chair! I don't know - this collection looks suspiciously neat and organized! Maybe some of you bloggers in Ballarat, Australia should make a surprise home visit! What do you think? Those are very cute boxes, I have to admit. :)

You can see what Jodie's up to at:

Karen Jones in New Zealand keeps her selvages in plastic boxes (below). Just looking at them makes me want to start sewing some selvages together. Wow, that is a beautiful log cabin selvage quilt in the background! Send us a photo of it when you're done!

You all know Wanda Hanson of I love her colorful quilts; and her selvages are pretty too (below). She's thinking maybe it's time for another basket. Oh, I don't know; I bet she can get some more on that pile.

I love this photo of Martina Odenthal's selvage stash (below). Is that little statue charming or what? Martina lives in Cologne, Germany. You can see her blog at:

More selvage stash photos on May 2nd! Thank you, quilters, for sending them in.


trasha said...

Let me assure Ric Rac's selvedges reall do live in those boxes!

dee said...

This is such fun. I feel selvage challenged though since I only have a meagher gallon zip loc full. Very impressive collections.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow what a selection of selvage stashes! Love the post. And thanks for sending some readers my way. That car quilt was really something to see!!

stufenzumgericht said...

How fun is that, seeing all that selvage staff and dreaming of the projects to realize with ;-)
Yours, Martina

Carrie P. said...

Whew, some people sure do have a lot of selvages. My stash is puny compared to theirs.

jan said...

I have been very lucky of late, people are sending me their selvedges. woohoo :-) happy dance