Friday, June 5, 2009

Annette Tait's Rabbit Bag and Baby Felines - Wow!

I love Annette Tait's "art-accessory rabbit bag!" That is so creative! See how she makes the raw edge extra shaggy? Just when you think you've seen it all, here's something to really rock your boat.
And she's not done - Take a look at her baby felines below! See the selvages? Can you believe it?
Read her own words below:
"I am also introducing a new line of soft sculptures into my etsy shop and the 3 initial ones I made up, baby felines, have just been posted, as a surprise gift, to a lovely friend who loves selvedge too and introduced me to your blog last month. Her cats love her sewing materials - so I made 3 kittens with characteristics of each of her cats and sewed selvedge spots onto them.
(They come with their own names and stories).

It's great to stop by and see the latest selvedge ideas! My mouth waters :)"


The Creek Cats said...

Love the baby feline soft sculptures!

Annette Tait said...

Karen - thank you kindly for posting about Arabella and the Baby Felines!

The 3 kitties have their own blog where you can see more about them and their sculptures -

I really love the selvege and used my favourite pieces on the Arabella bag!! (it's been sold!)

many thanks,

Mishkat said...

Thanks for featuring Annette's wonderful artwork. I am the proud owner of the baby feline sculptures - how great to see them on the Selvage Blog! I really enjoy your blog, and am always checking to see people's latest creations - I hope to make a selvage piece of my own one of these days.

Unknown said...

I love your blog. And this write up about DragonHouseofYuen is wonderful Annette's work is amazing. I'll be looking at selvedges now, I've never thought about using them before.

Unknown said...

Oh so cute bunny:)

outofthedark said...

Annette is an amazing designer! I fell in love with her Arabella bag awhile ago....hope to snatch one up one day!