Friday, September 11, 2009

Linda's Quilt Studio in Iowa

Linda in West Des Moines, Iowa says you might feel a little sorry for her when you see the view from her sewing room. She even had to climb on her ironing table to get this photo. But before you reach for the tissues to dab your eyes, take a look below at the great set-up she has! There is even a second sewing machine so a friend can join her. With such a nice big sewing space, who needs a view?

I asked and Linda verified that that is a bag of selvages hanging from her cutting table. We quilters notice these things! She says she has an impressive file drawer of selvages as well. Yikes, we can imagine! What a tidy sewing space. Thanks for the tour, Linda!
She has a nice write-up about her sewing room and more photos on her blog: (See her wedding photos from 1972. Cute!)


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Love Linda's studio - sometimes the view isn't everything!!

Darlee Byron said...

I agree... sometimes it's more important what you do inside that counts! And so organized... I like that!!