Monday, December 21, 2009

Quick Christmas Store Window

I saw this window display in New York City and wondered if this was really intentional! Or did someone say, "Wow, Look at this mess! Let's just take the whole thing and throw it up there!" (so to speak) I remember we had those big Christmas tree bulbs when I was little. They would get hot after a while. I hope you're having fun and making memories.Posted by Picasa


Notjustnat said...

So cool, I like it. It's sort of 'think outside of the square' kind of window decoration LOL!!! But we are artist have to be open minded and expect what other people think and do! BTW, I posted your ornament off to you today - Hugs Natima

whitey said...

They must asked people to send in all their lights that were twisted I think I see strand of mine in there.