Friday, October 12, 2012

Lilly Belle Fabrics at Plum Patchwork!

Look at this gorgeous fabric that I found on Etsy! It's called Lilly Belle Garden Rocket Ruby Mustard Yellow Floral Fabric. Haha, that's what Jessica of Plum Patchwork calls it in her ad. (Jessica has a dog named Kona. Are quilters funny or what?) This fabric was designed by Bari J. Ackerman for Art Gallery Fabrics

And here are some more photos from her shop. Who can post just one fabric photo? Not me.

Below is Lilly Belle Lilly Bouquet in dark gray.

This is Lilly Belle Flowerpop Zesty Gold (below). It comes in pink too.

And finally, Boys Will Be Boys by David Walker for Free Spirit. I'm not even a "dog person," but I think this is so cute.


Kim said...

Oh yeah....some fabric shopping in my near future :0).
Love the dogs adorable.

thanks for the news!
Happy Sewing

Jessica @ Plum Patchwork said...

Oh, wow, thanks for the feature Karen. You've just made my day!


Cindy Cooksey said...

Fabulous fabrics. I will keep my eyes out for them!