Monday, October 8, 2012

Selvage Seat Cushion

Karen Kebinger of Connecticut made this lovely selvage chair cushion. It has ties in the back that attach to the chair, or you can use them as a handle when carrying it to meetings where the seats are uncomfortable. She got the knitted wool shawl that you see on the back of the chair for free! It had a little hole in it which she repaired. Karen came to the quilt exhibit on Sunday and we had a nice visit. She showed me this photo on her phone and I asked to show it here. Nice work, Karen!
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Karen Kebinger said...

Thank you Karen!
I made the seat pad to take with me when I go to meetings where the seats are not comfortable!
It has ties at the back that can also be a carrying handle.
Karen Kebinger.

Annie said...

Oh, love this selvage pillow! I want one too! I'm off to do just that!

Kim said...

How adorable.
Quilters are so clever!

Happy Sewing