Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Empty Spools of Thread

This amazing chair was made from empty spools of thread! 
As you remember, we're saving our empties in 2013 just to see how much thread we use, year-to-year. We're going to share our numbers here on the Selvage Blog at year-end, then I'll report to Diane Harris of Quiltmaker Magazine. She'll be writing about this in January.

Here are more ways to upcycle spools.

A nice heart arrangement by Jess from New York at Epheriell Designs.

A wreath from Amy's Rag Bag:

And finally, a garland with buttons and fabrics from Karen in Rhode Island at Sew Many Ways.


JoAnne said...

Our local quilt shop has been asking for empty spools to use for a craft project for children that they have been doing. I've managed to take them about a dozen this past month. Maybe I'm sewing too much?

Every time I dropped some off, I thought of you, Karen. I used to just toss them out, I won't anymore.

Selvage Quilter said...

JoAnne, A dozen in one month? Show us what you're making with all that thread!! Now we're curious. Haha.

patty a. said...

I have been busy sewing away and my mason jar is nearly full again this year!

Twisted Sticks said...

Wow that chair if fit for a sewing queen!