Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Design Wall Today

Today I'm working on a quilt for Melanie in Ohio. She wants a 72" x 84" quilt to hang in her foyer that goes with her abstract rug and a custom painted ceiling. She emailed me some photos of the space. I mailed her a pile of possible fabric swatches and she chose her favorites including abstract prints, batiks, a few modern prints, and some solids. This quilt contains all of them. 
I'm in the process of sewing the horizontal rows to each other. That's why there's a white space in the middle, but that will be closed up. And there will be a 6" outer border. Her inspiration was my Serendipity quilt. It looks so much different done all in solids vs. prints, doesn't it? 
Back to the sewing machine. We have new snow and ice. Perfect for quilting!

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June Calender said...

I was just reading a summer issue of Quilter's Newsletter with a retrospective article about the quilts they've shown. There was an illustration from a 1971 QN with a quilt very much like this one. What's old is often new in the quilt world.