Sunday, March 1, 2015

Angela's Asterisk Quilt

A modern, light and airy version of the Asterisk quilt! This was made by Angela Pingel and featured on her blog: Cut to Pieces. I love that black block. Cover it with your thumb and the lights seem to go out in this quilt. Uncover it and it's snappy again!

Want to see lots of Asterisk inspiration? Click here then scroll down.
Want to see the Asterisk pattern? Click here
Happy quilting!


Judy & Marshall said...

I've never seen that pattern before and I like how much movement the quilt has!

Dar said...

That is a very pretty asterick quilt. We made those blocks in one of our guilds awhile back and someone was lucky enough to win all the blocks. Haven't seen that she finished it yet though. lol