Saturday, March 20, 2021

The Bee's Knees Scrap Quilt Pattern!


Another scrap quilt and pattern done! See the pattern here: The Bee's Knees Quilt Pattern. I can't get used to writing "sawtooths." It feels like it should be "sawteeth," but that's not much better. It reminds me of driving through the Beartooth Mountains and seeing signs for "The Beartooths." 

I like how the two sawtooth rows anchor the sea of scraps. This quilt is loaded with little surprises in the style of an "I Spy" quilt. There's food, seashells, digitally printed flowers (below) and lots more. I'm keeping a big box of rectangular scraps near my sewing machine for when I have just a few minutes. The scrap strips pile up fast. And there are so many ways to use them. 

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Wendy Caton Reed said...

Congratulations on another wonderful pattern. Yes, it is hard not to say "sawtooths". Thanks to Mrs. Libby, my middle school grammar teacher.