Wednesday, April 21, 2021

This two-color scrap quilt is fast and fun to make, see pattern here: Far Horizon.

Cut a bunch of scraps by eye, using scissors. 
Trim with a rotary cutter after sewing the strips. 
This is the fast way to do it. No hassle.

Even though the scraps are different heights, it's easy to get a nice straight horizon. 
And I love that contrast line. I want to try purple and yellow next time.
This is a twin size. But a wall size for my quilt room would be nice.

And here's a tip for new quilters: When pinning, place pins out of the path of the needle so that you don't run over the pin. I've done that and have broken the needle and the pin. Broken bits fall into the machine and do some real damage. Plus repairmen are generally horrified that we'd do this. I thought it was inevitable now and then. Guess not. So now I pin like this (see below). 



Carol said...

Love Far Horizon! And your method is a great one. -- on pinning, I was told years ago "your sewing machine does not know where your pins are so always remove them" and have done that.

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Unknown said...

I love this quilt design!!
Buy I'll go on record as preferring pins perpendicular to the seam line. I've been sewing and quilting for 64 years (yes, really) and although I sometimes bend or break a needle or pin, that has never damaged my machine or hurt me. When i need accuracy this is what works best for me. If I'm using my quarter inch foot with stopper or a seam guide, I'll place the pins with the heads to the left. I find the layers move too much of the pins are parallel. Gyleen Fitzgerald of Colourful Stitches put me onto Clover's extra thin pins especially for patchwork. They are less likely to be hit by a needle. Also, if they are hit, they are soft enough to bend rather than break and less likely to actually break the needle.


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