Saturday, April 10, 2010

Amazing Seahorses and More

The photo above is a seahorse, not a plant! His nose is the long white tube-shaped thing on the far left. It's called a Leafy Seadragon. They are about 12 inches long and live in the East Indian and southern Pacific Oceans around Australia. Have you ever seen one of these in the wild?

These "traditional" sea horses are found in most of the world, except in the far northern and southern regions. And it's true, the Dads give birth to the babies.

You can view huge numbers of fish underwater, through very thick glass, which is how you want to view big sharks like this!

Evidently this koi fish was surprised to see me at the aquarium!
Tomorrow, we'll be back looking at textiles. (But it's nice to shake things up a bit!)
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Quilt Rat said...

Amazing..leafy dragon!
Love the expression on the Koi.
Maybe it thought you were the fish paparazzi.

Quiltdivajulie said...

The TN Aquarium in Chattanooga has the leafy dragon seahorses - DH and I were fascinated (had never seen them before).

Stephanie said...

I love visiting aquariums. What an amazing leafy dragon. I especially love knowing seashorse Dad's are the ones giving birth. :o)

Janet said...

I've seen those leafy seahorses in an aquariam. They are beautiful, real fairy-like things.