Sunday, April 11, 2010

Needlepoint Pillows in Colonial Williamsburg

In Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia we saw needlepoint pillows. They were everywhere, in all the hotels and stores. I took photos of the best ones to show you. My favorite one is the pineapple above, the symbol of hospitality.

This giant flower reminds me of the big pieced flowers that Ruth McDowell is so well known for.

Birds and other animals were a very popular theme, after floral motifs. Now I'm thinking of putting together a needlepoint project to keep on hand for the summer. I'm inspired.

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Harmony Hopes Studio said...


Jackie said...

Karen, Those are some beautiful pieces. I understand why you were inspired!

karenfae said...

Beautiful - I always love Colonial Willamsburg and have been there numerous times. Such a lovely area.

Caro said...

Love the needlepoint pillows. Thanks for showing them. Am working on a Glorofilia pillow that I bought at Liberty of London a couple of years back. I also stocked up on needlepoint kits while there. It's an easy pick up and put down type of project.

Jamie said...

Now that is a lot of stitches! They are quite beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Pam said...

Hey Karen! So glad to see that perky rooster in the line-up!! I love him!! (not surprised, huh??)


Barb said...

I adore needlepoint pillows and these are gorgeous -love the pineapple.
Was sorry to miss the Empire meeting this month - shooting for next month.

Richard Rothstein said...

Great needlepoint pillows, and we sell some these exact same pillows at


Jaz said...

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