Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thank You for the Comments - Winners Named

Thank you for all your comments about the quilt challenge ideas! The two big winners were: "If You Were a Quilt, What Would You Look Like?" and "Quilts With Words." I really appreciate all your help. I'll be telling you all about my plans soon!

The two winners (chosen at random using
  1. Stephanie from Ohio, USA
  2. Lizzie from Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Please let me know whether you'd like the selvage pack or the charm pack, and your mailing address.


Jackie said...

Yay, So glad one of my choices won! Congrats to the winners!! Looking forward to seeing what you will be doing with those choices.

Stephanie said...

Yippee! Thank you Karen. Both of my choices were winners. Looking forward to more info about your "survey". :o)

Lizzie said...

Thank you so much Karen, winning is such fun ;o)
I'm looking forward to seeing what your survey generates....
email on the way to you.
thanks again...