Thursday, July 21, 2011

Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting

Attention machine quilters and machine quilter wanna-bees (like me)! Leah Day has come up with 300 machine quilting designs and she's still going strong. Her newest design (above) is called "Edge of Reality." Take a look at her websites The Free Motion Quilting Project and Day Style Designs. She has tutorials for each of her designs and they are so much fun to watch. She told me that she films the video first, then adds the voice-over afterwards. She makes it look so easy. I'm very inspired by Leah Day.


June Calender said...

That's fascinating quilting. I went to a big Long Arm Quilters expo in Providence, R.I. in the spring but saw nothing so free and break-away creative. Although perhaps this was done on a home machine, not a long arm. Certainly a lot of things are happening in terms of quilting the quilt. Art and creativity around!

Jean said...

She is very creative!

JoAnne said...

Thank you, Karen, for featuring a very talented quilter and teacher. Leah is so good at this and very generous to share her talent with all of us!