Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!


I'm so lucky to have had a wonderful Dad! I hope you are too. 
One of the things that my Dad taught me was not to worry about what people are thinking. He said, "They're not thinking about your (insert worry); they're busy hoping you won't notice their (insert worry)." 
He said, "Never make fun of anyone's name. Ever."
Also, if you are in a car accident, "the first thing to do is get your carcass off the road" to stay safe.
He made the best apple pies, played a fierce game of Scrabble, would help with term papers, and always had time for us. He was a math/engineering genius. His name was Jack. My siblings and I should write a book about him. 
Enjoy the day!


JoAnne said...

My dad always told us, "Get in to a job you like and do it well" and "A job worth doing is a job worth doing well". Words to live by! A good father is an unbelievable asset.

Helen said...

I was blessed to have a wise and wonderful father, too. He was a farmer all his life. Also, he was given the job of measuring acreage of crops for the government, because he was considered to be the "only honest man in the county"...a real hero of mine, for sure. Dads are so vital to our families and our nation!