Saturday, March 16, 2013

National Quilting Day!

The International Quilt Study Center & Museum is has a wonderful National Quilting Day planned. I wish I could be there today, but they have a collection of Online Exhibits too.

I made this log cabin quilt a few years ago and it's still one of my favorites.

How will you celebrate? I'll be working on my new speedy raw-edge applique scrap quilt. 


electricdunce said...

I love the colors in your log cabin, what a nice quilt!


Vivian said...

The stripes in your log cabin quilt are gorgeous. Are all of them pieced? or did you use some striped fabric?
Thanks for the link to the Lincoln Quilt Center. It's a website packed with quilted goodies. The center is only a 5-hour drive from my home, and some day I'll get there.

June Calender said...

That's a gorgeous log cabin quilt. I've just started one and I may keep your border treatment in mind -- it adds a lot of OOmph to the already lovely quilt.

JoAnne said...

Today was the first time I was actually able to sew on International Quilting Day. My guild's workshop was today and I went. We sewed, trimmed and sewed quite like "15 Minutes of Play". I took my copy of the book to show others and the two workshop teachers and others plan on buying it. Thanks to you for telling us about way back when.

Lynn said...

I love living in Nebraska and getting to take in the displays and special days the International Quilt Study Center puts on. Saturday was a great day spent with friends looking at the exhibits and listening to the programs.