Friday, October 24, 2014

Selvage Jacket!

Lynda Duplissea created this beautiful selvage jacket! Here's what she wrote about it:

Late in 2012, I was asked to prepare a 15-20  minute program for our chapter to share the selvage edge technique I used when making a quilt from your book. At the end of the program, one member shouted out, “What’s your next project going to be?” 
With a broad grin, I answered, “I think I’ll make a jacket.”  “Have it ready by our quilt show!” was shouted out in reply. 
It was a good natured exchange;  you see, a few months prior to the program, I accepted the position of Biennial Quilt Show Chair for 2014 and at various workshops, I would encourage the gals to make sure their projects were ready by the quilt show. Though playful,  the challenge was on.
I’m attaching a few photos taken of my newly completed jacket. (Which by the way was ready for our show.) 
I am particularly pleased with my first attempt at making a jacket. The lining is tone on tone with the words ‘Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse” which I felt fit perfectly with the use of selvages. One of the selvages even had my name LYNDA so I placed it on the inside collar but I don’t think I’ll hang the jacket from it …that's purely decorative.
 Lynda is from the border town communities of St.Stephen New Brunswick Canada/Calais, Maine. Nice job, Lynda!


Terri said...

Love the jacket, and the story, too.

June Calender said...

Really cool, Lynda.

Diane said...

Great looking jacket, fun story! I always think about entering a quilt show too late. She had a good strategy for reminding people all year to get ready early!

Dinah said...

What a cool jacket! I love it!