Friday, November 14, 2014

Upcycled Sweater Blankets

Aww, what an angelic picture. Cozy upcycled sweater blanket too. 
From Counting Stone Sheep (where knitters go when they can't sleep). Haha.

Here's another sweater blanket from RecoverGirl, below.

Here's another version from the Better Homes and Gardens blog.

Colorful sweater blanket from Rose Hip (below).

Can you believe this? From Daily Danny. She's using old sweaters to make a "Potholder Rug." 

And finally from the Purl Bee, a felted wool patchwork tutorial for this neutral blanket.


LN in TX said...

What GREAT ideas!

JaneB said...

Oh those would be so nice and warm. I have a small amount of felted wool that I thought of using for applique. Now I think I need to go to 2nd hand stores and start shopping for wool sweaters!

Helen said...

That Potholder rug brings back memories! ;-)
I love that felted wool blanket, too!