Saturday, December 6, 2014

Tree Quilts

"The Moon Beams" by Melody Johnson.

Take a look at my Pin board featuring a big variety of tree themed quilts. What an amazing variety! 

Found on Pinterest (above), attributed to media-cache, but the link is a dead end.
Found on Pinterest (below), attributed to firespring, but the link is a dead end.

A real classic Tree of Life, from the Quilt Index. Look at all those hst! And I like the tiny 9-patch blocks too.

"The Four Seasons" by Linda Blanchardl of Plum Tree Quilts.

A simple but very clever tree quilt (below) from Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts

And finally, "Branching Out" by Canadian quilter, Elaine Quehl. This quilt was featured on the  Quilt Inspiration blog which definitely lives up to its name!


Sara said...

The top one just took my breathe away. All of them are beautiful, but that one really speaks to me. Thanks for sharing the eye candy.

Terri said...

OMG and LOL... Just after watching the video on Melody Johnson's blog, I saw this first quilt on the reader, and thought you had been influenced by Melody Johnson. Then I read the credit underneath... Guess I recognize Mel's work.
Love the other trees, too. So many quilts - so little time.
Thanks for sharing. Too bad Pintrest doesn't give credit where credit is due.