Saturday, April 11, 2015

Wabi Sabi Quilt is Finished!

And the pattern is finished too! This is a raw-edge machine applique quilt. The final task is trimming off all the loose threads after machine washing and drying. But then it has a nice soft texture. 

Wabi sabi is a Japanese aesthetic that finds beauty in simplicity, authenticity, imperfection, and the natural cycle of growth and decay. It also involves asymmetry which goes against my natural default settings. That's part of the fun of making a quilt like this.

Wabi Sabi quilt by Karen Griska.

All of these photos were taken after machine washing and drying.


magicmoonmusings said...

This is gorgeous!

Helen said...

I love this quilt! The softness of the colors and the fringed fabric make me want to crawl into it...