Sunday, August 9, 2015

Selvage Fabric by Timeless Treasures

This fabric by Timeless Treasures is printed to look like it's covered with selvages! 
What would you call this? Down-cycling?


Joan said...

I would call it cheating. :)

Annie said...

I just mentioned to a friend yesterday that we don't have to make anything ourselves anymore. We make something and the retail world takes it and mass produces it.

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

I'd call it a tribute to the clever woman who first promoted their use in gorgeous projects. They should have sent you a bolt. That said, I wouldn't use it, it is too fun to use the real thing.

JoAnne in southern California said...

I call it delightful! A friend wanted to make a tote bag for me so I made the large beautiful selvage blocks, per instructions in Karen's SELVEDGE EDGE book, for the outside and she used that Timeless Treasures fabric for the inside. Had she used real selvedges on the inside, things would catch on the selvedge edges when I'm putting things in, etc. It's much better with the TT fabric.

This fabric also makes the perfect backing for a selvedge quilt. If you look closely at this fabric you'll see some darling little pictures on some of their "selvedges". Because of those, I'll use that fabric for the back of the "I Spy" quilt I will be making for my granddaughter.

I'll continue to use my large stash of selvedges and happily use this gorgeous TT fabric too, it certainly coordinates. What more perfect fabric could I put on the inside if that little selvedge zippered pouch? The back of a selvedge pot holder? The back of a selvedge wall hanging? The inside of that wrist wallet? The inside of that bag? The inside of a coffee cup holder? I don't want to waste my selvedges.

I have Karen and her book to "blame" for all that fun for me and all the pleasure it brings to those who receive those things. Thanks, Karen, for so much!!

Unknown said...

It's the difference between a photo of the Eiffel Tower and standing in it.