Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Merry Christmas, Oliver!

This is the Christmas gift quilt that I made for my nephew Oliver, a 20 yr old college student in Vermont. And this is Domo (below) a little character that is special to Oliver and his mom and his sister. They have a little soft toy version that they hide in the refrigerator or under a bed pillow or even mail to each other. I told my sister that I was making this quilt and she sent me this 3" tall Domo patch. Oliver laughed when he saw this. In the full quilt photo above you can see Domo in the lower left hand corner. 

Oliver has a little kid quilt that I made for him a long time ago. It was time for a grown up quilt. I really like the fabrics in this quilt, especially the old NYC street scenes, rulers, and batiks below.

And the garlic and polka dots too.

The quilt measures 65" x 80." The backing is black with a tiny gray geometric design. The binding is the same as the back. The batting is Warm and White, and the machine quilting is wavy parallel horizontal lines done in gray thread (on the front) and black thread (on the back).


Ann said...

Great quilt for a college man. What fun the different fabrics are. Adding Domo is superb. Congratulations.

JoAnne in southern California said...

I love it, Karen! I especially liked reading about about Domo. My son and daughter have been having a thing with a bright green haired troll pencil topper for at least twenty years. It now resides in the living room at my son's house but it's my daughter's turn to find it. My son's wife just smiles when she comes across it. It used to live downstairs at our home but "Troll man" finally left home. I am almost envious of the relationship that two siblings can have, I had six siblings.

I'll have to see if I can get a patch made with a troll doll thing on it.

Happy, happy New Year from HH and me in southern California!

June Calender said...

Great to see another scrap quilt -- I've been mining the scrap box for scraps for a Pastische quilt similar to yours and this one is in the same vein. I'm sure Oliver loves having a grown up quilt now.

Judy said...

What a great quilt made with fun fabrics! It's so rewarding to make something for someone who appreciates it.

Happy New Year to you and your family!!

Sally in Saint Paul said...

An interesting quilt. At first glance it seemed rather random, but on further study I really appreciated the thought that went into the color and fabric choices, along with their placement in the quilt- and I decided the quilt was a much more sophisticated piece than I originally thought (kind of like looking at a Joseph Albers painting which at first glance just looks like a group of colored boxes.)
I am inspired to try something similar in a brighter palette with some Kaffes, batiks, and perhaps a vegetable or 2.
Sally in Saint Paul

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Beautiful. And I love sentimental "surprises". I'm sure your nephew was thrilled.