Wednesday, December 27, 2017

My DH has an Etsy store!

My husband has an Etsy shop! JasonGriskaPhoto 
Jason has been taking photos of landscapes and everything else since I met him in 1972. Now that he's retired, he takes photo trips several times a year. He goes to great lengths to capture his shots, getting up way before dawn to be in the right spot before sunrise. He has posted about 50 of his best photos. So take a look and favorite or Pin a few to get him started. 

In the photo above, there were two sets of waves that intersected, creating this turbulent mass. I love the color in this one. 

I hope you are enjoying this quiet time between Christmas and New Year's Day! 


Christine said...

Hi, Karen. Jason is an amazing photographer. His pictures are gorgeous! Ceecee

Pam said...

Wow Karen!!! Jason's pictures are amazing!!! Trying to figure out where I can hang one of the surf picture that you show in this post.