Friday, January 3, 2020

Fifty-Nine Empty Spools in 2019!

I save my emptied thread spools and count them at year end. This year clocked 59 spools, compared to the usual 20! Increased machine quilting is the main reason. It was all Coats & Clarks Dual Duty, the least expensive choice. I've been thinking of trying fancier threads. Do you have a preference? 

I know how unscientific this measurement is. But it's kinda fun anyway. 

Wishing you all a very happy new year!!


deb oldenburg said...

Coats and Clark for me is too. I have some more expensive thread for machine quilting but still coats and Clark in my bobbins, hand pricing etc..retired on a fixedly gets the job done.

Paula, the quilter said...

I was gifted several boxes of MaxiLoc serger thread. Luckily, my sit down quilting machine likes that thread. It is a bit linty but I just keep the bobbin area clean. The added advantage is that it is a finer thread and backtracking doesn’t show as much as a thicker thread.

Selvage Quilter said...

Deb and Paula, Thanks for your input about thread.
Yesterday I had some trouble machine quilting (free-motion). The thread would fray and bunch up above the eye of the needle, more and more as I sewed, until the thread finally got so thin that it broke. So I tried using a bigger needle, rethreading the machine, adjusting the tension, cleaned the machine, everything I could think of. Including changing to a different spool of thread, although it was the same brand, just in case it was an irregular batch. I hope to get to the bottom of this soon. Any thoughts?

deb oldenburg said...

I have come to only use top stitch needles in my machine..they are very forgiving even with so called cheap thread..the only other thing is tension...make sure the machine is threaded correctly...I have had this happen and would retread the entire machine including taking out the bobbin and retreading that too. Cut offa bunch of whatever thread u are using ...try again..if same problems..try different spool. Usually it is something stupid..!,,,if it continues clean and oil your machine..if still continues adjust your tension on bobbin...this process rules things out so you can get to the bottom of what the heck is going on!, sorry this is so long but this is what I do..whoops maybe the machine needle has a burr on..put another needle in...

Cathy said...

I was a long-time Dual Duty gal but converted to Aurifil a few years ago. It is finer, yet seems stronger, no problems with it breaking in my machine. It is a bit pricey because can't use the 1/2 off coupons from Joann's.

Selvage Quilter said...

Thank you, Deb. I'll try your ideas.

Thanks, Cathy. I think it's time to try Aurifil too.

Happy new year

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patty a. said...

I emptied 38 spools in 2019 with 3 being cones of 3,000 yards for machine quilting. I ended up having to go buy some light colors of thread as I had used up what I had. I buy Guterman thread in the big spools, but I will use Coats & Clark too for general sewing. For free motion machine quilt I prefer King Tut or Aurifil. I have to still use King Tut in the bobbin with the Aurifil as the top thread.

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2ne said...

Great work with the empty spools. I also collect mine and post at start of the year - fun to see how much thread you are using